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Lifestyle by Galiatea is a digital lifestyle magazine where you will receive weekly inspiration in interior design, furniture, and travel. 

Design, the word that keeps most of us scrolling through our social media feeds searching for ways to truly express ourselves. Furniture, the epitome of our personal expression within our homes. Last but not least, Travel, our escape to find inspiration we would not normally find in our current setting. Lifestyle by Galiatea is here to serve as an outlet for anyone who has a passion for interior design, furniture, or travel. 

So why should you sign up? Our head designer and CEO, Sophia Clark, has not only lived and studied around the world, but she works with Artisans globally on projects that not only helps preserves cultural heritage but also brings culture and traditions from around the world right to your email. From Artisans across the globe to her knowledge of interior design from her studies in Italy, Sophia Clark is dedicated to bring you knowledge from around the world to the palm of your hands on a weekly basis. Sign up on the form to the right to secure your access to weekly insights and discover a world you never knew existed!

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Interior Design

Get your weekly tips on how to make your home the ideal setting for your personality.


& Home Decor

Tired of seeing Ikea, Pottery Barn, and West Elm draped across all of your peers homes? Style your home with furniture that truly stands out!


Wondering where you should go next? 

Ever Second guessed a trip somewhere? 

We are here to make you choose the ideal location for your next getaway and learn more about the world around you in the process!

Artisan Handcraft

Modern Styles with the ingredients of centuries of traditions passed along from generation to generation. Find out how you can combine heritage and contemporary in your daily life! 



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