21 Day Holiday Countdown

21 days of spectacular style and home inspirations for the holidays.

Everyone want to know the answer to making the holidays sparkle this year.  

—We have the answer— 

Take part in a holiday countdown with a powerhouse lineup of experts focused on helping you make the most of your home this holiday season.  

2020 has been a year like no other. You probably wonder… 

• How can you create a holiday aura in the same four walls you’ve already spent more time in than ever before?  

                                                 • How can you be present to appreciate the spirit of the season?  

                                                 • How can you use what you already have and still feel joy and anticipation? 

                                                 • How can you mix comfort and glam, inspiration and connection, self-care and holiday sparkle?  

                                                 • How can you be a force for good this season, for yourself and those you love? 

 Our experts in the home and style industries have you covered. We’ll break down 21 of your biggest problems, one day at a time, and give you inspiration to create a holiday home that you’ll enjoy more that you thought possible.


End this year in comfort AND style with our friendly expert trio. 


Darla DeMorrow

Founder of HeartWork Organizing LLC and published author.

Darla DeMorrow can bring you closer to a more peaceful and more abundant life, even in this uncertain age. She is a Certified Professional Organizer® and owner of HeartWork Organizing since 2004. Based near Philadelphia, PA, she is mom of 2, international speaker, and author of the best-selling book series SORT and Succeed, which outlines five simple steps to help you organize stuff, time, paperwork, money, and photos.

The employees of HeartWork Organizing continue to provide organizing help to clients during 2020 through highly effective virtual organizing sessions. 

 HeartWork Organizing and the SORT and Succeed organizing system have appeared in media such as NPR, Realtor.com, Entrepreneur.com, Parade Magazine, NBC, The Oprah Magazine.com, Apartment Therapy, First for Women, and Parade Magazine, among others.

 Learn how the SORT and Succeed system can turn your office into an upbeat, organized home office.

David Zyla

Emmy® award-winning stylist and best-selling author.

Emmy® award-winning stylist and best-selling author David Zyla has empowered women and men from most all corners of the world, advocating for them to embrace their authentic style. His books − Color Your Style (Plume), and How to Win at Shopping (Workman) − have influenced his followers to adopt his unique approach to personal style and color, based on his decades of experience in fashion, costume design, and style consulting. After starting his own Seventh Avenue eveningwear label at the age of 22, he earned a reputation as a tastemaker with strong ties to the global fashion community and was recruited by ABC to reinvigorate the visual quality of its daytime programming. David has held the position of head costume designer for various long-running television shows including ABC’s All My Children (2010 Emmy Award), General Hospital, Lifetime’s Devious Maids, and currently, CBS’s The Young and the Restless. 

Sophia Clark

Founder & Creative Director of Galiatea and award-winning furniture designer.

Sophia Clark is the leading expert in cultural preservation through home design. She aims at safeguarding cultural heritage while promoting social consciousness about artisan communities worldwide. She strongly believes that through art, design and craftsmanship we can increase compassion, love and connection in the world and it is her mission to integrate it into the home.Through her business, Galiatea, she designs and curates luxury furniture and home decor handmade by under-represented artisans globally using sustainable materials. While leading Galiatea, Sophia continually wants to redefine the notion of luxury and to free it from the confines of the mainstream brands as it focuses on quality materials and authentic generational savoir-faire. As an award winning furniture designer, she showcased her collections in some of the world prominent trade shows in London, Dubai, Italy, Beijing and Peru.  

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Relax with easy and gentle self-care shortcuts.  
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Be entered to win a travel gift certificate worth over $$$ for a fabulous future getaway (can be used by you or transferred. ) 

What’s the Catch?  

Like you, your three hosts have experienced a year where things look a bit different, we all stayed true to our personal missions of putting good out into the world in our respective areas of expertise: fashion and style, interior design, and home and style. The three of us met this year, and immediately felt a strong connection to each other and those we serve. This 21-day holiday countdown is our gift to you. It may sound corny, but we want you to love your home as much as ever. Since that can be hard when the world feels uncertain, different, and a little bit frightening, we want to inspire you to make this season special, whatever your circumstances. To paraphrase Dr. Seuss and The Grinch:  Maybe the holidays don’t come from a store. Maybe the holidays (especially in 2020)… perhaps … mean a little bit more! 

This season let us gift to you our 21 days of holiday countdown so you can relax and enjoy your MORE.  

What if I sign up late?  

New video tips will be posted each day, and you’ll start getting tips right away. But don’t worry, you can see all the tips posted so far on a special, secret spot that only those who register for the countdown can access. Catch up or re-watch your favorite tips any time.  

But will there be cake?  

Since this is a virtual event, there won’t be cake, but there WILL be a really great prize. Sign up anytime during the 21-day holiday countdown, and you’ll be entered to win a travel gift certificate worth over $750 to redeem for future travel. Why would we do this? We want you to have something to look forward to. Pick your destination from (Miami- USA, Nashville- USA, New York City- USA, San Diego- USA, Montreal- Canada, Punta Cana- Dominican Republic, Amsterdam-Netherlands, Dublin-Ireland, Paris-France, Denarau- Fiji, Waikiki-Hawaii, Bali- Indonesia) You can’t travel just yet, but when it’s safe, you’ll have this little gem to enjoy. The winner will be announced 12/29/2020.* (One winner, limitations apply HERE

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How much?  

Zip. Nada. Gratuit. Really. We asked the Universe what to charge, and the Universe said you could use a break right now.  

What’s the catch?  

No catch. We know the holidays can sometimes be stressful and hard. But they can also be magical and joyful, even in a year like this. We’re just three international experts who love what we do, and we want to share our best holiday-care ideas with you. 


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